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The shopping experience has been improved

Dear customers! We have great news 🎉 To make shopping more convenient, faster and safer, as well as to make it easier to find the information you need, we have improved our website.

The security of your payments is very important to us, therefore data and private information are stored in encrypted formats through rigorously tested and internationally recognized data security systems.
We are happy that ModernNomad hammocks and other outdoor equipment are appreciated by our customers in all three Baltic countries, so now you can conveniently use your country’s bank when shopping.

1️⃣ Convenient, because a payment order is prepared in the Internet bank and all that remains is to confirm it.

2️⃣ Safe, because our page connects to the bank’s website automatically, thus guaranteeing security.

3️⃣ Fast, because the money for the purchased goods is transferred within few minutes.

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