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Krisjanis Eihmanis

Co-founder 🇱🇻

Janis Klavins

Co-founder 🇱🇻

Hands behind the wheels

Modern Nomad is a team of two seasoned adventurers. As Latvian National Guards, we’ve spent countless nights in the Baltic forests, facing all types of weather conditions. As passionate travelers, we’ve gone on expeditions to some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments, from the frozen tundras of Alaska, Siberian taiga, and Altai mountains to the scorching deserts of India and the African savannah. And as fathers, we enjoy spending time outdoors with our families, making memories and teaching love for nature to the next generations.

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Many thanks to the users of our products! Our goal is to offer hammocks and hammock sets available to everyone with the best quality and price.

Not sure? Get 30 days to return your product if you are not satisfied with it.

P.S. No one has returned yet 🙂


Because we know just how hard it might look if you’ve never been assembling a hammock yourself before.

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