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ModernNomad products (hammock, mosquito net, tent) have a 5-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

We make sure that only products that have been thoroughly tested in our workshop reach our customers. However, if you notice any defect or damage, you must stop using the product to prevent further damage or defect from developing, and contact us to arrange for the product to be repaired or replaced.

The warranty application must be submitted to our official e-mail: describing the problem and attaching photos or videos so that we can assess the problem as soon as possible and offer a solution.

PLEASE NOTE that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects and does not cover:

1. UV exposure (promotes material fading and brittle fracture)
2. Accidental damage (caused by wind, fire or animals)
3. Improper care or use (hanging the hammock over 50 cm, using sharp objects, exceeding the maximum weight of 250 kg, jumping)
4. Natural wear and tear of products

For more information on keeping your equipment in good condition, please visit our Help Center page.

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