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Primus OmniFuel


A stove with precise flame control, extremely high heat output, Fuel Bottle and a super pouch provides a complete kit for your travels. Primus Expedition Service certified! Invented in Sweden, made in Europe. Gas NOT included.

Technical data:
– High output and a wide flame excels at heating larger pots to cook for 1-4 people
– Stainless steel pot supports offer optimal durability
– Fine control valve for precise flame and heat control
– Can easily be self-serviced
– Travel friendly, works with variety of fuel types including canister gas, white gas, kerosene, diesel and aviation fuel

Product specifications:
– Material: Stainless Steel, Brass
– Diameter: 66 mm
– Power: 3000 W
– Fuel Consumption per Hour g/h: 215 g/h

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The OmniFuel is Primus most award-winning stove to date. This extremely robust, reliable, and powerful stove is designed to handle demanding situations, extreme altitudes, both low and high temperatures, and can be easily carried to any destination.

Adjustable to work with a multitude of different liquid fuel types, including gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin and even aviation fuel. The OmniFuel delivers 3000W and can boil a liter of water in just over three minutes, while the oversized control knob offers precise flame control, from a fine simmer to quickly melting endless amounts of snow to hydrate an expedition. The OmniFuel is the perfect stove for 1-4 people who want to travel light.

Comes with an ErgoPumpβ„’, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle, a foldable windscreen, a heat reflector, and a super pouch.

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