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Modern Nomad collaboration with Dior

Latvian hammock manufacturer Modern Nomad has started a collaboration with world famous fashion brand Dior. Thus, Modern Nomad has developed a unique hammock made exclusively for Dior. These hammocks stand out with premium quality and are part of Dior Men’s Beach Capsule.

The Hammocks are produced from upcycled pieces of plastic that are made of hard-to-recycle plastics from oceans and shores all over the world, highlighting a sustainable and gentle attitude towards nature.

“Modern Nomad’s collaboration with the House of Dior represents excellence in every aspect – hammock design, technology and quality. We are pleased with this partnership and the experience gained. The world-famous brand Dior and Modern Nomad have joined forces up to promote an active lifestyle and protect nature,”

says Modern Nomad Member of the board Krišjānis Eihmanis.

“Such achievements help to open export doors to new countries. Although we work actively in Baltic and Scandinavian countries, our hammocks have also traveled to customers in countries further afield – Argentina, New Zealand and the Philippines, and we are ready to explore more. Dior’s appreciation encourages us to achieve ever new and bold goals,”

admits Modern Nomad Member of the board Jānis Kļaviņš.

Dior hammocks are also marked with the Latvian hammock producer’s emblem “Made by Modern Nomad” and has been unveiled in 17 Dior stores all over the world on May 16th.

Publicity photo available here.

About Modern Nomad

Ltd. Modern Nomad was founded in 2020 and is an outdoor gear manufacturer for active and healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle of the owners of the company, Jānis Kļaviņš and Krišjānis Eihmanis, which is related to expeditions and traveling, has motivated them to create outdoors equipment that is light, easy to install and extremely durable. Each product has been thoroughly tested both in different weather conditions and in quality tests. The Modern Nomad product range includes hammocks, rain tarps, insulation, mosquito nets, etc., which ensure total comfort during hikes and outdoor trips. All products are manufactured in Latvia. The support provided by the LIAA incubation program was important for the development of the company, which helped to promote sales in export markets.

Krišjānis Eihmanis
Phone: +371 29372255

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