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What to put in your survival kit?

We would like to share our experience and recommendations to be sure that the survival kit or the first aid kit can become life-saving equipment. The first thing to start with is checking what’s in your survival kit!

Wind, snow, rain, cold and other weather conditions can create a hard challenge, so a foil blanket is definitely needed in the first aid kit. Preferably one side of this blanket is orange. In an emergency, it can help rescuers see you faster.

Especially in the northern countries, the weather tends to be very harsh and wet, therefore you should always have tools to start a fire easily. So, lighter and kindling.

Water is very crucial, and its lack is inadmissible under any circumstances, so it is important to think ahead of time how you will get water for consumption in case of need. Be sure to put water purification tablets in your first aid kit! They reduce the amount of microbes and bacteria and purify the water. Have you also thought about a water container? We recommend placing the belongings of your survival kit in a small, waterproof bag. If necessary, this bag will start to function as a water container.

Also take medicine with you. First of all, those medicines that the doctor has prescribed for regular use. Second, broad-spectrum antibiotics that can help prevent bacterial inflammation. However, remember that the use of antibiotics should be taken seriously.

Being out in the wild can seriously injure you, so a survival kit should include items to stop bleeding, not just gauze, but also a pressure bandage.

Situations can be different, and we believe that at least 10 m of cord should always be in the first aid kit. The same goes for the flashlight.

And finally, we encourage you to put toothpaste, toothbrush and soap in this set. Yes, these aren’t survival tools, but they’re the ones we use daily, and it will help remind us to bring a survival kit when we are going out in the wild!

Enjoy the nature and be safe!

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