Frequently asked questions.

1. How many years is the warranty for ModerNomad products?

Our products have a 5-year warranty.

2. How should the products be cared for?

The products must be dried and cleaned after use. The hammock and insulation can be machine washed in a gentle mode without the addition of bleach and fabric softener.

3. What is the weight of the products?

Hammock - 460 - 480 g (with slings)

Tent or canopy - 240 g

Mosquito net - 180 g

Underquilt weighs from 700 to 1000 g. Depends on the intended outdoor temperature.

4. How long does it take to get a hammock? How long does it take to install the whole set (hammock, canopy, mosquito net, blanket)?

On average, the hamock can be installed in 1 minute, even faster. Installation of the complete set will not take more than 7 - 10 minutes.

5. Can two people sleep in the hammock?

Yes! However, it is most comfortable to sleep alone in a hammock.

6. What should be the distance between the trees, the poles, where the hammock is installed, at what height to install it?

The hammock can be planted in trees at a distance of 3 - 7 meters. The farther apart the trees are, the higher the ribbons to be hung. The ideal height of the hammock is the height of the chair - so that you can sit in the hammock effortlessly. In addition, it is also safer.

7. What should be observed when using ModernNomad hammock and our other products?

1. Choose only green, living, and strong trees, strong poles for hanging. Always make sure that the supports are strong and will support your weight.

2. Do not hang hammock on the edges of the cliff and above them. Never exceed 1 meter, always make sure that there is nothing under the hammock that could accidentally injure you.

3. Do not light a fire or use an open flame near the hammock, do not smoke while in the hammock.

4. Always check the condition of the equipment - if it is dirty, clean it, if it is broken, replace or repair.

8. Is it comfortable to sleep in a hammock? Is it advisable to do this with a sore back?

Let's start with the fact that you have to sleep properly in the hammock - DIAGONALLY and nothing else. This position will ensure that your body is practically straight and relaxed. Unlike a bed or other flat or uneven surface, sleeping in a hammock places virtually no strain on the body. Many people who have back problems (yes, also pregnant women) admit that sleeping in a hammock creates a feeling of relief. It has been proven that sleep is tighter and it is possible to fall asleep much faster. Of course, in the beginning, you have to get used to sleeping in a hammock and find your sweet spot. It is also possible to sleep on your side and stomach. A simple inflatable pillow will provide special comfort.

9. Does your back freeze while sleeping in a hammock? When to use insulation?

According to our own and customers' experience, we recommend the use of additional insulation if the air temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius, as well as if there is wind. Remember the golden rule - at the level of the senses, the wind at 1m / second lowers the air temperature by 1 degree. The hammock itself does not retain heat, while the sleeping bag provides heat only from the top because the thermal insulation layer at the bottom is compressed and practically no longer fulfills its function.