What is ModernNomad?

What is ModernNomad? First of all, it's you!
Because with the support, involvement and motivation of our customers or hammock users, we have come so far - we have created a product of excellent quality, to which we can give a 5-year guarantee!

We are about adventures in nature! Both for serious hikes, where every gram in the backpack is critical, and a fun banging at a children's party between the trees in a hammock.

Today, ModernNomad is not only known for its hammocks. ModernNomad manufactures mosquito nets and tents of the same quality, which are perfectly equipped with the manufactured hammock to protect its user from various precipitation and direct sunlight.

Using the latest materials and fasteners available in the outdoor and hammock industry, products have been created that are equally resistant to heavy use and very light.

The creator of the brand ModernNomad is a soldier of the Latvian Army, who has spent many holidays overnight in nature to create the highest quality and lightest hammock and hiking equipment. Afterwards an experienced team has tested the products and developed them to find the best possible solution for easy to use, durable and lightweight outdoor gear. 

Forget those mornings when you wake up in a bloated tent! The hammock lifts you above the ground - both literally and figuratively.


SIA "Modern nomad" has signed an agreement with LIAA for receiving incubation support under ERDF project no. "Regional business incubators and creative industries incubator" and contract no. SKV-L-2022/255 within the framework of the "Promotion of International Competitiveness" event.