Rainfly/protective tarp covering

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Relaxation in any weather conditions:

- 100% waterproof, due to fabric being impregnated with silicone

- 9 suspension points - to ensure that the tarp can be set up in any environmental conditions.

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ModernNomad rainfly is made from particularly durable lightweight fabric that has been impregnated with silicone during production process. Such technology results in 100% waterproof and hard-wearing material. Waterproof rating: 2500 mm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how big, yet how lightweight our rainfly is. 10 m of paracord rope included in the set. Both the rainfly and the rope are made in Latvia.

Technical specifications:

Installation time: up to 3min

Total weight: 400g

Size: 300x300cm

Packaging size: 12 x 30cm

Material: 15D silpoly

9 suspension points

Kā tev šāds piedāvājums? Rainfly/protective tarp covering par €120,00 un 5 gadu garantija?

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