Mosquito net

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Safe nature rest:

- The mosquitonet protects you from mosquitoes, ticks, "mosquitoes" or cuck through and other tiny insects
- Let you sleep quality and safe
- Ultra fine and durable mealine
- Tested in Latvian and Scandinavian forests, as well as in the African savannah.

Watch the video (32 seconds):

ModernNomad Mosquito Net is simple and easy to install, so it guarantees immediate protection not only from insects, but also from tree fluff, leaves and other debris. It is not sewn to a hammock, it does not have zippers, which tend to disappoint. Safe, simple and convenient solution. If you know there will be no insects, leave it at home and save the precious grams and place in your bag for a knife. Made in Latvia.

Technical data:

Installation time: up to 3min
Total weight: 120g
Mosquito net size: 330 x 150cm
Pack size: 12 x 16cm
Material: Noseeum mesh 0.5 oz

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