What is ModernNomad?

ModernNomad Oskars Lauciņš

What is a ModernNomad? First of all, it is you.

Because it is with the help of our customers - their support, input and motivation that we have got so far in creating top quality locally made product we trust so much that we give it 5 year guarantee.

We are in favour of outdoor recreation. Be it a serious hiking trip where every gram you put in your backpack makes a crucial difference, or romping around the garden in a hammock hung between trees at a fun kids party.

Today ModernNomad brand is known not only for its hammocks.

ModernNomad produces mosquito nets and rain tarps of just as high quality. They complement the hammock perfectly and provide added protection from precipitation and direct sunlight.

Using newest materials available in outdoor equipment and hammock production industry, we have created products that are lightweight as well as particularly hard-wearing.

The creator of ModernNomad brand Oskars Lauciņš, Latvian army soldier, spent countless nights outdoors to be able to create the lightest top-quality hammock and hiking equipment.

Forget about the mornings when you woke up with a swollen face in a stuffy tent. The hammock will lift you up - quite literally too.